Color Wall at Haus 820

Hey there, thanks for stopping by the Haus 820 blog! If you’re new here, we want to help you get a little more familiar with our venue by highlighting some of our most popular features. A few weeks back we talked all about the garage door mural in our courtyard (you can read that blog post here). Today we’re going to dive into one of our favorite features of our space: the beloved Color Wall at Haus 820! It’s a fan favorite in our community and you’re almost sure to see someone out there snapping some pics any time of day.

Whether it’s engagement photos, wedding portraits, pregnancy announcements, family photos, or just taking pics for the heck of it, we love seeing people utilizing our space to capture special memories. The outside of our building is open to the public 24/7, so feel free to stop by any time and check out our Color Wall! Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #MassMarketColorWall so we can see your pictures and share them.

Scroll to see some of our favorite pictures from the Color Wall!

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