Get To Know Our Event Liaison Danielle

Jun 27, 2019 | Birthday, Haus 820

If you’ve had an event at Haus before then you’ve already have had the pleasure of meeting our Event Liaison, Danielle (or you may recognize her as the shining star of our Tour Tuesdays on Instagram!). Well today is her 23rd birthday and we thought we’d take this special day as a chance to celebrate our girl and let you all get to know her a little better with 23 fun facts about her! Danielle is an enormous blessing to our team. She is an incredibly hard worker and a hilarious source of joy and laughter for us all. We hope you enjoy getting to know some interesting facts about her! So without further adieu… let’s get to it!

  1. She eats boiled eggs with siracha on them almost every single day in the office (which smells great!)
  2. Strongly dislikes the song “Africa” by Toto
  3. She’s from Chicago
  4. Loves iced coffee
  5. She’s a gym fanatic
  6. She has a very scary weight lifting face
  7. She gets her mom to mail her pickled veggies (giardiniera) from Chicago
  8. She’s part Polish part Italian part Jewish part German part French part Albanian part Awesome (mostly Polish tho)
  9. She visited her native land Albania last summer
  10. Loves pickles (or anything pickled for that matter)
  11. Loves a good margarita
  12. Never had braces but has straight teeth, so that’s annoying
  13. Loooooves the Jonas Brothers
  14. Her favorite pastime is watching makeup tutorials on YouTube
  15. She’s going to see her favorite singer John Mayer in August
  16. Listens to jazz music
  17. Thoroughly enjoys a good crop top
  18. Single handedly keeps American Eagle in business
  19. Hot sauce flows through her veins
  20. Can rock a set of french braids
  21. Loves giving a good thumbs up in a photo
  22. She’s a morning person (bleh)
  23. Is incredible at her job, so make sure you book your next event here at Haus so you have the pleasure of meeting her yourself!

I mean come on… have you ever seen a better thumbs up?! Happy birthday D, we love you!