Tips To Make Your Holiday Party Stress Free & Fun!

The holiday season is in full swing, which means your calendar is probably jam packed full of parties and festivities! Everyone loves a good holiday party, but hosting one is a whole different ball game. If you’re feeling stressed about how to create the perfect party for your guests, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips to ensure you have just as much fun as your guests at your own party!

  1. Make a game plan
    • Have a plan so that you remember everything you need to do to prepare for a night of fun with your friends and family. Plus, crossing things off a list is always a good feeling!
  2. Serve a pre-made cocktail or set up a self-serve cocktail station
    • Serving drinks that are already mixed up and ready for guests makes everything easier! Whip up a batch of your famous sangria or eggnog and let guests serve themselves. You can also set out a variety of cocktail ingredients and just let guests make whatever drink they want.
  3. Go with what you know
    • If you’re known in your friend group or family for your killer dip or casserole, make it! Knowing you’re serving something that people have already said they love will take some major pressure off. If you’re wanting to experiment with a new recipe, there’s nothing wrong with that, just give it a trial run before serving it to your guests!
  4. Have a plan for serving
    • Figuring out serving platters and utensils ahead of time will help you avoid any frantic scrambling at the last minute.
  5. Drink Tub
    • Put out a tub of salted ice water to chill any bottled or canned drinks. This will keep your fridge free for food and it’s a cute decoration! You can also keep a few festive towels or cloths by the tub for guests to wipe off any drips from their bottles.
  6. Enjoy yourself!
    • Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Your home is filled with the people you love the most, so don’t forget to soak in all the holiday fun and enjoy this time with your nearest and dearest!