First Look Inspo at Haus 820

These days, doing a first look is all the rage. They are a huge time saver in regards to the flow of the day and making the most of your time with your photographer. Doing a first look allows you to get tons of portraits with your bride/groom and bridal party before the ceremony so that you can maximize your time celebrating with all of your guests at the reception instead of feeling like you need to get in all of your photos. Plus, the pictures are always so dang cute! Today we’re giving you a little first look inspo from some of our past couples that have utilized our space in unique ways for their first looks.

Let’s start it off with a crowd pleaser, the famous Haus 820 Color Wall! We love that K+J chose this spot as their first look location. It was such a fun backdrop for this intimate moment. Plus, could these pictures have turned out any cuter?! Obsessed is an understatement.

W+J chose our courtyard for their first look and it could not have been a more perfect fit! Their overall vibe was simple and minimalistic, so the courtyard was the perfect aesthetic to compliment their style. Plus, you can’t beat that gorgeous natural lighting!

For their first look, E+L decided to take advantage of the red brick walls on our office building at The Collective. We loved this unique idea! It was a great way to incorporate a little texture and subtle color into their photos!

You can never go wrong with using the outside of our main space as a backdrop for your special moment! It’s neutral and simple so that you have timeless photos to always look back on.

When you have a ceremony backdrop as gorgeous as this one, that makes your choice easy for a first look location! Thanks to all of our big windows, the inside of our space has amazing lighting which is perfect for capturing special moments like this one.

So which spot would you choose for your first look out of these? The possibilities are endless here at Haus 820! Click here to check out our website and learn even more about what our venue has to offer. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on things Haus 820!