Hurricane Irma Relief

Oct 9, 2017 | Community Events

After Hurricane Irma passed over Lakeland, 80 percent of the city was left without power. Cinnaire, Haus 820 and other community partners joined forces to serve linemen, first responders and the community. Our goal was to provide 500 lunches a day over 5 days and facilitating community clean up. The project ended up bigger than our initial vision, with so much help and so many people still in need we added two more days and delivered over 3,000 meals to, linemen, first responders and people in need.

We exceeded daily goals by delivering 500 delicious catered dishes the first day, 550 the second day and up to 700 the 3rd day. This project was bigger than ourselves. Thank you to everyone who has given their time and resources to extend a helping hand.
Special thanks to CinnaireBump Galletta Illustrator, Lakeland Creative Makers, Swan City Catering, Millenia Event Catering, United City and Spark Sites.

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